Color. To be honest, Emily’s dress from Love Shack Fancy seriously pretty much summed her up. An amazing smile and easy laugh. Her and Gary drove up with me and even though the winds were crazy (no, I mean the winds literally were ripping up trees from their roots), these two stuck it out with me up on that mountain top. I could tell they were a little nervous to start the shoot, but once I got them together, everything melted away and these two moved together like a dance. 

You can tell a lot about a couple throughout the engagement session. In the beginning there’s always a little nervousness. I mean, you’re about to have a camera in your face for some extended period of time. But the important thing is that once you get together and you forget about the camera, things will kind of just……happen. 

And that’s the way it should be. 

Northern Arizona Engagement Session | Emily and Gary

Audrey and Tate are a straight up vibe, let me tell ya. Audrey is a landscape designer, and has a heart for anything aesthetic. When Audrey pulled up her second outfit with bell sleeves and rocking some Adidas kicks, the wheels in my head were already spinning

The thing about shooting in an open field is that 1. fashion matters because it’s just you two, and 2. the way you two are together matters because its just you two. It’s why I love open spaces because it reveals everything about a couple. There’s no crazy mountain backdrop or skyscraper skyline to hide behind. It’s just you two, and your little intimacies seen in physical form. 

These two were definitely a vibe. 

Love is a Vibe | Audrey and Tate

Marissa and John have known each other since college. Our first try at their engagement session was filled with smoke filled skies, and so this time was our second. By the way, these two are completely my vibe. Chill, go with the flow, and we just kick it. These two are Bay Area natives, they’ve never lived anywhere else except on the west coast. No I mean it, like these two and their entire group of friends are the epitome of the Bay Area phrase “Hella chill”. 

So I knew we had to capture that essence. When they met me in the parking lot in San Francisco, they rolled up waving food and boba out the window for me. Seriously. I immediately thought, “This is gonna be a hella good session.” We just cruised around the surrounding area outside of SF, pulling over whenever I saw a good spot, and just running around the beach and hills. 

Good day. Good day. 

I wanna be your west coast | Marissa and John

Oh Allyson and Luke. I flew out to Georgia for their engagement session and got to spend time with them eating dinner together before, playing with their cats, and talking about art and family. There was a torrential downpour the day before their session, but luckily it passed and the next day it was just clouds and sunshine. Driving around I found this huge field of flowers, and I thought, 

“This is it. I never get this. We have to shoot here”. 

So they trusted me, and drove with me out to the middle of nowhere off the side of a road. And we just hung out in the field. Allyson is such a carefree spirit. Her and Luke are so full of happiness that it just came out, and so I knew I needed to incorporate the flowers as much as I could in their session. 

Probably one of my most memorable experiences shooting. 

Especially when the farmer came and basically told us to get off his lawn.

Georgia Summer | Allyson and Luke

Laughs laughs laughs. And more laughs. 

We headed up north to Flagstaff for cooler weather for this engagement session, and these two brought it on. Luckily the grass was green and soft, so we were able to quite literally use it as a bed and just lay down and relax. Constantly, it was just laughing throughout the entire session. I love open fields by the way. And that’s exactly what this location gave us. Open fields and open sky let me play, and lets me run around with my camera (and my clients if they choose to). And these two were willing to run around with me. We drove up together and talked about life, and at the end were greeted with a beautiful sunset and moonrise, meeting together with their light and colors. 

Seriously. It was bonkers. 

I’ll never forget this session. 

Free as a bird

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