Randi from Carteblanche Design is a dear and very good friend of mine. I remember when we met, it was at the very beginning of our careers and we were hired for a branding shoot for someone else. As soon as I saw her flower design I thought, “Damn. This is the kind of stuff that needs to be in the weddings here.” 

We both ended up working the same jobs, and built a friendship over time. She hired me to do her branding shoot and I told her I would shoot it under one condition: That she doesn’t hold back. That she only designs the shoot how she truly wants to be seen. 

And so she chose the couple, she chose the dress, she chose every single aspect of this shoot. We shot in Sedona at Lauberge, and it was the most Randi flowers I’ve ever seen Randi make. This shoot was a perfect example that artists know best. Its an example of what happens when you let the people you hire do their thing. We live with our art. We die by our art. There are some people who just go through the motions as a vendor. But every now and then, you’ll find the gems that really want to push themselves whether or not it’s for a wedding. 

Carte Blanche Design is one of those people who studies art and design and fashion outside of weddings and brings that into their work. There are vendors, and there are artists. And this florist is an artist.

Venue: Lauberge Sedona

Concept, Style, Floral Design: Carteblanche Design

Couple: Julia and Tyler 

People are Flowers Too | Carteblanche Design


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