Oh Allyson and Luke. I flew out to Georgia for their engagement session and got to spend time with them eating dinner together before, playing with their cats, and talking about art and family. There was a torrential downpour the day before their session, but luckily it passed and the next day it was just clouds and sunshine. Driving around I found this huge field of flowers, and I thought, 

“This is it. I never get this. We have to shoot here”. 

So they trusted me, and drove with me out to the middle of nowhere off the side of a road. And we just hung out in the field. Allyson is such a carefree spirit. Her and Luke are so full of happiness that it just came out, and so I knew I needed to incorporate the flowers as much as I could in their session. 

Probably one of my most memorable experiences shooting. 

Especially when the farmer came and basically told us to get off his lawn.

Georgia Summer | Allyson and Luke


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