Marissa and John have known each other since college. Our first try at their engagement session was filled with smoke filled skies, and so this time was our second. By the way, these two are completely my vibe. Chill, go with the flow, and we just kick it. These two are Bay Area natives, they’ve never lived anywhere else except on the west coast. No I mean it, like these two and their entire group of friends are the epitome of the Bay Area phrase “Hella chill”. 

So I knew we had to capture that essence. When they met me in the parking lot in San Francisco, they rolled up waving food and boba out the window for me. Seriously. I immediately thought, “This is gonna be a hella good session.” We just cruised around the surrounding area outside of SF, pulling over whenever I saw a good spot, and just running around the beach and hills. 

Good day. Good day. 

I wanna be your west coast | Marissa and John


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