I’m a big believer that engagement sessions shouldn’t feel like engagement sessions. It should feel like we are just walking around the area and just having fun. And these two just did that. Originally it was supposed to be a sunny day, but Karl the Fog decided to change our plans and these two rolled with it. We walked around their neighborhood in San Francisco, grabbed some drinks and picked up some flowers from the local market. We walked back to their apartment for them to change, and when I walked in, I saw their style and vibe and thought immediately, “We have to take at least a few photos here.” 

They told me they had gotten this specific apartment for the bay window and that they sat in the chair looking out on their days off, especially when the sunset was good. 

After we changed, we went out and just ran around the hills of San Francisco for the rest of the engagement session. It honestly felt like a date night. 

And when you’re doing your photos, that’s how it should be. 

You shouldn’t be looking at your photos and thinking, “Thats not how I normally dress. Thats not where we usually hang out.” A place like San Francisco lends itself to so many tourist traps that even local photographers fall into. But I’m a big believer in doing the opposite . Because you should never be a tourist of your own memories. 

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