What happens when NYC brings their vibe and style to the desert of Arizona in an intimate wedding setting? You get this amazing goodness at Royal Palms. Christina and Jeff got engaged in Bordeaux, France while visiting Jeffs parents, brought in a handful of their friends and family for an easy, stylish, wedding where the only focus was getting ready for the big day, and spending some time with each other. I really love these weddings where the parents and family members get to spend time with one another in the days leading up to the wedding so that by the time day is here, everyone is in a groove and in sync with each other. There’s a beauty in the chaos of siblings helping you get ready, giving advice and sharing stories of “Remember when you…..”. 

Christina was so carefree. She moved about just having fun and laughing with her younger sister and her twin sister who had introduced her to Jeff, a man who was so endearing to his parents and treated them like gold. I really connected with Jeff, a man after my own heart who really saw the value of family and I could tell that he would continue that on in his own marriage and family one day. 

Planner: Kayla Belitt of Some Like It Classic

Venue: Royal Palms

Florist: Carteblanche Design

Dress: Ramona Keveza

Tux: Suit Supply

Shoes: Paul Smith

Ring: Cartier

Christina and Jeff Royal Palms Wedding


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