Jacqueline told me, I’m not the type to do a wedding. 

I thought, Perfect. 

Originally we had all these plans for an engagement session in the meadows up north, but later she told me that she had only suggested that because she felt like that was what we were supposed to do for engagement photos. And so we completely smashed that plan, and I suggested we do something that felt like them: 

Time at home, and a date night. 

So I showed up to their apartment, and we hung around quite literally, and just shot photos. There was such a relaxed feeling that all of these photos just kind of……happened organically. It was a lot of small touches, hair fixing, and real laughs from being able to sit and converse together. When she had asked what to wear, I said whatever you freaking want. If you are the type to go out on a beer crawl, or go see a show from an indie band, what do you wear? And from there we just got dressed, and we walked around downtown after, got a box of pizza from Ziggys, and ate it sitting on the curb to the end the night. 

I think that we have these ideas of what we’re supposed to do based off tradition. Why do we have to have a photo for a save the date? Do I have to wear a suit to my engagement session? Do we have to do a bouquet toss? Do I really need ten bridesmaids? How about no bridesmaids? 

Jacqueline is the type of bride who said, “I’m gonna do what I want for my wedding” and to be honest, thats the way it should be.

At Home Session | Jaqueline & Adam


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