These are probably the most black and white images I’ve ever shown in a post before. But this wedding was pretty timeless, just like a black and white image. And what do I mean by timeless? I’m not talking about details. I’m talking about moments. Those little exchanges with other people and with each other. In all honesty, even though Emma and Todd had a modern sophisticated style, all the material elements of the wedding could have gone up in flames and they still would have been happy. That’s just the type of people they are. They were more focused on the important things, family, friends, and each other. And so for this post, I’m deviating from what I might usually show, and showing just what they loved:

Each Other

Planner: Shannon Smith with Sassy Soirees / Venue: Wrigley Mansion / Florist: Form Floral

Wrigley Mansion Wedding


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