On our trip to Mallorca and Spain, I decided to only shoot with a small point and shoot camera for our personal photos. Instead of using my usual medium format cameras, I wanted to see how I would expand the way I see through the lens if I completely changed up and limited my tools. As a photographer who always wants to make quality work, the idea of not using the tools I knew like the back of my hand on a trip that was taking us across the ocean. . . it scared me.

Let’s be real, we were taking a huge trip and of course I wanted a guaranteed perfect photos.

But I’m a big believer in always pushing your skillset to a different level even if it’s uncomfortable, so I decided to stick with it. After a few days in, I started shooting how it felt to be there, rather than focusing on the landmarks. Because the camera has the same wide point of view as an iPhone, you have to really get immersed into the scene to take the photo and it forced me to start shooting in that immersive way. All of these photos I had to get really close to the subject and it forced me to take into account more of what was in the frame. Being stagnant and comfortable scares me, so I will always choose to go outside my box and see how far I can push my creative line. This is why I believe in photographing life in general, not just weddings, because it gives me an avenue to try something new, learn, and then bring those new skills back over to weddings.

Plus you get awesome photos from your trips.

These were all shot on a Fuji x100f with a WCL-X100 II wide angle converter and processed by C1ick Match.

Mallorca, Spain


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