When Josie and Nathan first contacted me for their wedding at Lauberge Sedona, they just wanted as little stress as possible. They wanted it just to be about the two of them. The timeline was simple, I’ll show up. Josie will get dressed. Nathan will get dressed. And we’ll have the ceremony and a brunch after. 

Instead of keeping separate, they decided to stay together the whole time. Josie helped Nathan into his suit, making sure he was all squared away, and Nathan helped her into the dress. Those little moments were some of my favorites from the entire day. 

Intimate weddings are becoming some of my favorites. It’s just a different energy. Because there are less moving parts, people are able to just breathe, and if things run late, its no big deal. The production of a wedding is still definitely there, but the pressure is off the bride and groom, and the easiness of it changes the entire energy. 

Afterwards, we did an impromptu drive outside the property to a park overlooking the Sedona red rocks. And together we watched the sunset, and I drove them back blasting music in the car and dropped them off to start their marriage together. 

Josie and Nathan, thank you for one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had. 

Venue: Lauberge Sedona

Dress: Needle and Thread

Lauberge Intimate Wedding | Josie and Nathan


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