Man this wedding was jam packed with good moments. The bride and groom are from Chicago and flew down to Arizona for their wedding in Sedona. The groom who is a graphic designer by trade designed all the stationery and paper goods, and did it WELL.

Everyone flew in for this wedding. But there was one person not there. Joe, a very close family friend had passed away and he was represented by his wife and kids and their spouses. The bride and groom with the help of Imoni Events and Borrowed From a Bride made a bar dedicated to Joe who was a bourbon enthusiast. As Joes family entered the reception and saw the bar, I saw the expression on their faces as they realized what the bride and groom had done in the memory of their dad. And that’s what this bride and groom were all about: their friends and family. And you could tell all the guests loved this family. The nanny who took care of the bride she was a baby and who DOES NOT FLY, decided to hop on a flight this one time to see the girl she helped watch the bride grow up from baby to childhood to adulthood get married. Friends who wanted to non stop party with not just the bride and groom, but the parents. Weddings like this, and seeing the joy that the bride and groom had with their friends and family around, make you realize what’s important. And as I had everything all packed up to leave, I noticed a group standing at the bar so I grabbed my camera and snuck behind. They were all raising glasses and telling stories about Joe and making toasts in honor of their friend
Enjoy every day and the people in it

Planner: Sarrah Gabboury with Imoni Events // Florist: Carteblanche Design // Venue: Enchantment Resort

Sedona Wedding Enchantment Resort


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