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We’ve been witness to some pretty amazing moments. We get to be in places that are reserved only for the closest family and friends. But that’s why it makes it so special. These are the moments that not even guests get to see, but its sacred because it is only experienced with the small number of people who are players in the scene. There is no audience. There is no performing for a group. There is no acting for other people. It’s just pure. 

the camera is our key


Like when Megan and Nick read a letter to each other before the ceremony. It was just the two of them and us. No chatter of guests, no other eyes on them, only the sound of paper and their candid and honest words spoken to each other set against the background music of sniffling noses. 

Being in the brides getting ready area while she was having a moment with her maid of honor, turning around and seeing the mom looking on with a gaze on her face, was it nostalgia, one of bittersweet realization, or both. 

Right before the ceremony being able to just run up to the bride and her father before they started the walk down the aisle, and seeing him chatting and sharing a laugh with his daughter. 
We’ve also been part of the energy. Like seeing the grooms mom hype up everyone around her with her huge and lovable personality and us literally being IN the crowd on the dance floor, singing, celebrating (hey. If you’re gonna party, we’re gonna be right there with you too).

If you’ve read Harry Potter, there was the spell that Hermione used to open locked doors, while her, Harry, and Ron had their adventures in Hogwarts. Many times at weddings, we feel like that group of friends. Being able to run around everywhere and access every place, and witness the most human and beautiful moments. The camera is that spell name:


Our images for both weddings and personal have been seen on J Crew, Martha Stewart Weddings, Harpers Bazaar, Refinery 29, Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and multiple publications. 


Because that was you two.
And you should never be a strange tourist of your own memories. 

That way when you look back while you’re laying in bed, maybe you’re living in another place together for a job, maybe there’s kids sleeping down the hallway, maybe you’re having a hard time, maybe you’re having a great time, whatever and wherever and whenever it is, we want you to look at these photographs and actually feel how it felt in that moment in time. When you look at these photos, instead seeing strangers in formal outfits looking perfect after a 1.2.3…….”click”, I want you to see your soul unhindered. I want you to look back and rather than seeing a photoshoot of a wedding, I want you to FEEL your wedding. That is true timelessness. 

It's all about capturing the most important moments of your life.